As a Brittana fan all I read these days is “Don’t worry, they’re endgame” “keep watching, storylines take time” “they are endgame, you just have to wait”. Well, I know they are “endgame”, I know they are gonna end up together but excuse me if I actually want to see the progression of their relationship, even if they are not together right now. I want to see the longing, the doubts, the phonecalls where they state how much they miss each other, each one of them talking about how they’re feeling about their breakup/relationship to other characters, other characters being supportive and acting like real friends without any double meaning like the excuse of another hook up or a new relationship. I want to watch the aftermath of the break up as much as I want to see them together again. What’s the point in telling us they are endgame if we don’t get any storyline that shows how they are managing without each other, when they don’t even acknowledge each other to other people or when they are together in the same room?. All we see are few random conversations that provide a moment to introduce another plot. Like that last Brittana talk, it was the excuse to send Santana to NY. What for? we don’t know yet, but it seems she’s there to solve Kurt and Rachel’s love lifes while they ignore hers. 

I’m not gonna be happy if Brittana just randomly get back together in one episode just because they are “endgame”, I want to watch them as much as I’ve watched Finchel and Klaine’s scenes whining about their breakups this season. Why haven’t Brittana had those kind of scenes?

Glee writers, “storylines take time”, you say. That’s not even an excuse anymore, it shouldn’t have been in the first place because the storyline is set, the only thing you have to do is add something to it in every episode, just like you have done with Finchel and Klaine. But right now, all we do is wait, as you pathetically beg twitter users to do, but we get nothing. We get no conversations, no duets, no acknowledgement….nothing. We are faced with meta crap where we get insulted and taken as a joke, again.

“Why do Brittana fans complain so much?” I don’t know, I guess it’s the legendary lesbian anger every Brittana fan possess and like to unleash every once in a while while we rip open our flannel shirts in rage.


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